With the presence of the Mayor of the city of Paraná as host, the Panamerican Maxibasquetball Championship was presented on the morning of Friday, March 29, which will take place from March 20 to 29, 2020.

In the presentation were the referents of the organizers of the international event, such as the president of the Maxibasquet Suricatas Club, Viviana Andrean, the president of the Feminine Federation of Argentine Maxibasket (FFEMAR), Susana Treidel, in company of the president of the International Federation of Maxibásquet (FIMBA), Rubén Rodríguez Lamas.

The local authorities rescued the effort to receive more than 5000 athletes while from the Feminine Federation of Maxibasquetball, its president, Susana Treidel, said: "It will be the most important competition that the province has had in this sport, where we expect receive 300 teams, which means 4,500 athletes. I compare it with the Youth Games, since Buenos Aires received the same number of people".

Also, regarding the contest, Treidel said: "Many years ago we have been proposing as headquarters. As complexity was always present the theme of the hotel that does not cover the demand; that's why the stays are going to take place in Paraná and Santa Fe. " On the other hand he added: "We have an important sports structure with respect to the field, but we are going to need the support of the municipal and provincial governments to put them in place, because it is a requirement of the international federation”.

Finally, who referred to Paraná as host of this championship was the president of the International Federation of Maxibasquet (FIMBA), Rubén Rodríguez Lamas, who declared: "Paraná has everything that was needed: structure, knowledge and experience. A long time ago they are doing a tournament every November, where a lot of people come and for us as Argentines, apart from the federation, it is a pride that we could have obtained the headquarters, because I believe that Paraná is one of the places interesting about basketball”.

Regarding the tournament, the leader said: "It will be a Pan-American of very high level, because here what you have to understand is that in the maxi basketball each one plays within its age category, we will have players Olympic champions, ex NBA, world champions, there will be players of all kinds," he concluded.